Friday, 22 April 2016

Salute Part 3 The Goodies...

After wondering the halls of Salute this year this is my haul......

So lets start of with the free stuff shale we..

The Salute Mini For This Year Steam Punk.

I was surprised to get these in the goodie bag this year. These are from the game Maelstrom's Edge and look pretty good.

You can never have enough dice

The free dice this year was also steam punk themed dice (bottom of pick). I also got a nice D10 dice for free. I did purchase however the Blood Bowl dice and the blank D6 as they will come in handy no doubt.

As I was one of the first 50 people at the Siege Studios stand i got these brushes.

Free brushes. Don't mind if i do.

I also got this mini from the GCN stand.

So what did I buy you ask well here go's......

This lovely looking show exclusive Jezebel Mini from Prodos games...

This fantastic looking mini from Anvil Industries which is either a black smith with an anvil or a bloke with a sword on fire...Which one am I going to make I wonder...

I found a company called Midlam Minitures which produced some lovely metal minis perfect for any fantasy games like frostgrave at £2 a model!

So a Barbarian, Bard, 2 Thieves and a Towns Folk walk into a bar.

Talking of cheap how about these two fro 20p each..

Now I must admit I saw this on the web from Crooked Dice and I loved them so when I saw them up close I had to get them..

Doooo, Raaaaa..Egon!

Who you gunna call The Paranormal Exerminators of course.... They even had an Ecto 1 on sale but I resisted just.. I did see how ever that TTCombat make a fire station....

I may have to check out ZTV for some rules...

After my KOW demo I decided to get this as it was going very cheap. I liked it was fast paced and seemed pretty easy to set up and play.

Now I saw this from Hasslefree Miniatures and had to get it..... I cant figure out who he is supposed to be though?

I think he has forgotten some rules again..

Now salute from me would not be complete with out getting some hobby bits and terrain so here go's..

Some nice flesh colours working out for £1 each

I have been wanting to try these for my bases to see if they can give a bit more life to them as seen as I now have the Wargames Bakery die to create my own bases now this might give a nice finish.

Run to the hills!

And last but not least some market tables from TTCombat.

So as you can see this year was very fruitful in terms of hobby supplies. I defiantly have plenty to be getting on with. Now I just have to find a place to store it all..

So heres to Salute 2017....


riot ville said...

Thats a good looking haul mate.

Shaggy said...

Yeah I am pleased with what I got this year. You should check out medlem minitures I think you will like them.