Monday, 18 April 2016

Salute Part 2

So after a quick something to eat I was off to look at what more Salute could offer.

Halt who goes there!

After having a close encounter with the emperors finest I went along to warlord games stand and checked out their new game Project Z and boy was I tempted for this. At just £30 you get some amazing looking minis. The zombies were probably some of the best I have seen.

I think he may need a Dr?

All Those minis at the bottom for £30!

After pulling my self away I took a look at some of the gaming tables on display.

Now thats a battle.

Next stop Prodos games to check out some AvP and to pick up the show exclusive Jezebel model which I will post later on.

And one of my favourite models I saw at Salute..

Heroes in a half shell...

So another Salute comes to an end for another year. It was defiantly a good idea to bring a list but there was so much to see and do no doubt I missed things...

I felt like I ran a couple of marathons from the amount of times I went up and down the stalls this year but it was well worth it.

I think next year I am going to try to get so more demo games in but I was happy to get a KOW demo but missed the Guild Ball demos as the stand was packed due to season 2 and the new Hunters minis on offer.

In my next post I will show some my goodies from Salute this year....

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