Monday, 16 May 2016

Badger, badger, badger, badger and dwarfs part 1

This video sums up what my minds been like the past few days..

Anyway I have been painting up some badgers from the Brock Riders kit from kings of war. Think angry badgers being ridden by angry dwarfs who like nothing more then hitting things.

The minis are in Mantic's rustic plastic resin mixture and from my experience with this from the Deadzone minis  I was worried this would be a difficult job.

Thats a lot of parts...

Well it was not that bad at all the dwarfs fit together really easily and so did the badgers but they did need some green stuff to fill some gaps.



Once all the minis were put together I started off by spray painting the dwarfs grey and set them aside while I sprayed the badgers black as this would speed up painting as they would be mainly black.

As you can see they like hitting things.
I used GW bone colour to dry brush all the badgers and then applied brown to the straps and bronze to the armour plates. Red was applied to the eyes and brown wash to finish off.

After that I started work on the bases and used the GW brown texture paint and dry brushed it again with bone and washed them in brown. I also added the army painter grass I bought from Salute and hey presto some badgers are ready to rock!

Next up are the Dwarf Slayers which are going to take a bit of time but I am looking forward to getting this angry mob out on the table top.

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