Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Dwarves out for a run... 1000 points (quick game)

Yesterday I was at Lano's to run out my Dwarves for their first 1000 point game.
My list consisted off  a Rune lord, Thane with BSB, 20 Warriors with full command, 10 Quarrellers with a musician, 10 Hammerers with full command a Gyrocopter and a organ gun.

I had a choice to go against Lano's High Elf's or his Lizard Men..I chose Lizard men as I wanted to see how these guys fight and Lano's painting is always good especially on these minis.

so we set up and got ready to play.

I won the roll to see on the ancestral grudge table and and rolled a 6 so my Dwarves have hatred everything. I also won the roll off to go first.

Dwarves are just had to march everything up and move my Gyrocopter to try and get behind his uint.
I try and take a few shots with my Quarrellers and Organ gun at his main unit and managed to get one or two.

Next it was Lano's turn and cast some magic and I can see its a thing this game...Lano cast a spell that I mange not to dispel and gets off a meteorite that can hit me if he rolls a 4 up..

I have a bad felling about this....

Lano casts more spells to toughen his army and then its my turn. I try to shoot again with my Organ Gun and Quarrellers with little effect due to bad dice rolls and the spells..
My Gyrocopter continues to move round and has a pop shot at his dino who can spary a fire template as well..I manage to get a wound on the dino handler.

I am still not in range to be able to charge so I move up slightly being conscious of not getting charged.

Lano's turn and he starts with no charges but with his magic guess what.... the metro hits right in the centre of my army  wipes out a load of my Hammerers, Warriors and Quarrellers....
It was not a pretty sight.

After that my turn again and I had to go no guts no glory and charge into his lizards. The Gyrocopter moves round to try and get at his shaman and behind the big wall of lizards..

Lano takes some casualties but again as my numbers are down and good spell casting from Lano I don't make much of an effect.

Lano's next turn lest just say he's army smashed the remains of my poor old Dwarves which we then called game..

I enjoyed getting the basics down of the game which and that spell of a meteorite did tare through my army which showed how powerful magic can be..

After the game Lano discussed about playing a game for the Blood in the Badlands campaign that the guys have been playing for a month or two. I would play as part of the barbarians team with my Dwarves.. Lano set up his High Elf army and helped me to make a 2000 point army and off we go game 2.


riot ville said...

It would be great to see you playing in the 'Badlands' ;0)

Shaggy said...

Cheers @riotvile. The report will be up soon...the battle is going to affect the badlands...