Monday, 9 July 2018

Atlantis Miniatures Dwarf Review.....Plus A Look At Their New Kickstarter

For those who are new to Atlantis Miniatures they are a UK based company that focuses on making high quality resin fantasy miniatures.
Atlantis Miniatures range goes from Dragons, Goblins, Orcs, creatures from Mythology to trolls and yes Dwarfs...

As I seem to be getting a lot of experience with Dwarf miniatures as of late Atlantis Miniatures were kind enough to send me a mix pack of Dwarfs from their catalog to take a look at.

In the package I received contained a mixture of male and female Dwarfs which is good to see a company not just creating all male Dwarfs which can really help flesh out a fantasy world if you playing RPG's or  even if you just want a all female Dwarf unit for your army and why not..

 On first impressions I was blown away by how detailed these minis are they have crisp lines with minimal flash and yes there are some mould lines and a few vents mainly at the base or on the bottom of a foot but nothing to bad and are easy enough to sort out. 

In the pictures below I have not cleaned these minis up other then the vents on bases of each miniature just so they are able to stand on the bases.
This is just to show you what they look like when you first get them.

So what do they look like...

From Left to Right A Dwarf Standard Bearer, Dwarf Brewmaster, Dwarf Bagpiper

From Left to Right Dwarf Female Villager, Dwarf Scribe Loremaster, Dwarf Beer Maiden

From Left to Right Dwarf Male Villager, Dwarf Gladiator, Dwarf Female Villager

Last but not least a Dwarf Troll Hunter.

So my thoughts....

I will say this now I absolutely love these minis. These have to be by far the best Dwarf minis I have seen up close. The design, the crispness of the detail and the character in each mini is superb.

Each one is full of character and charm that will make it so easy for any one to create background stories for their RPG games or even table top skirmish/ mass army games.
I really am amazed at the quality and designs that Atlantis Miniatures has created.

 If your after something a little special for your fantasy games it's well worth checking out
  Atlantis Miniatures web site.

Now before I end this review I want to just let you know that Atalntis Miniatures are heading to Kickstarter on Tuesday 10th July (Tomorrow) at 1pm GMT with a new range of Ogre's.

If they are the same high quality as their Dwarf minis these are going to be awesome.

Below are some of the units and prices that will be on offer on the Kickstarter and these have been said to be 48mm tall.

There also a stretch goal announced for an Ogre King.

If you interested in getting some Ogre's on the table top keep an eye on Atlantis Miniatures web site
 and their social media pages for this Kickstarter starting on Tuesday.

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