Saturday, 31 October 2015

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to Shaggy Wargaming!

I will be you resident blogger Shaggy (see what I did with the blog name there) guiding you through my adventures and misfortunes in wargaming with hopefully a few friends which you will get to know along the way.

The systems I mainly play are Warmachine using the mighty Khador (real men have beards) X wing, 40k using Papa Nurgles finest as well as some Space Wolves (which I have not run out yet but that's another story) and board games and beyond such as AvP.

So sit back and hope I don't throw any double ones!


riot ville said...

Welcome to the Blogisphere mate.

Looking forward to seeing it develop.

Shaggy said...

Cheers mate.

The Flaming Heretic said...

You had to do it didn't you! I'll have to get mine going again... When I get a spare second! Welcome aboard.