Monday, 2 November 2015

We Are Legion... Part 1

On Sunday I finally managed to get down to the Essex Legion. After taking a bus then a train and a another bus I finally got there for 5pm. Let's just say I live a bit out of the way..

On arriving I knew I was in the right place with the club t shirts and mugs proudly shown around the hall.

Do I spy a 40k campaign?

You can feel the buzz with 40k, magic the gathering, x wing, and today's order of business is intro battle box games of warmachine.

The first game of the night is against Menoth and the Kreoss battle box.
I was tasked with helping Mike through his first game of warmachine. After showing Mike the basics we get down to the game.

Sorscha ready for battle.

Mike moves quickly up field.

The Repentor moves up and sets the Juggernaut on fire and misses Sorscha.

All the jacks move to the middle of the battle field for a clash of metal. Mike casts defenders ward.

Mike quickly got the hang of casting defenders ward and the usefulness of Kreoss feat and knocks down my jacks.

Sorscha try's to take the flank but the Repenter spots her and sets her ablaze and sets up a Menoth victory.

Mike did very well and started to get the hang of his battle box very quickly and after a quick chat about the game and future additions it was on to game 2.

My next game is a bit déjà vu as it's against Menoth battle box again but this time against a familiar face Mr2key.

We all move into position for the battle of fire and ice..

The Juggernaut charges in.

Devastator has a shot at Kreoss and takes 3 point of health from the caster.

The Repentor takes a free strike from the Juggernaut with no damage taken.

While Kreoss moves up with his heavy jack and Sorscha swiftly moves away from the danger of the flames from the Repentor.

My jack gets pushed back 1 inch freeing Kreoss from my jacks grasp.

Kreoss moves to the right flank away from the fight. Sorscha moves then uses wind rush and pops her feat freezing Kreoss where he stands.

The Juggernaut walks up to Kreoss with full focus hits him until he needs only one more hit with the ice axe. I just need to roll anything other than double ones and victory is mine....

Then this happened.... khador dice rolls strike!

Sorscha is now open to the flames of Menoth and the inevitable happens she is set on fire...

 This girl is on fire.....

A very close game and Mr2key thought it was all over when Sorscha popped her feat and so did I but that's why we play these games as you never know what can happen.

I think it was time for a little break and have a look around at the other games being played at the club...


The Flaming Heretic said...

It was too close! Thank Menoth for defenders ward, or it would have been over!

riot ville said...

gutted I missed it.