Thursday, 12 November 2015

Are GW Returning To Their Old Games?

A poster popped up this morning around the web and on forums introducing a new Specialist Design Studio from Games Workshop. This Studio will be specialising in GW's older game systems such As Blood Bowl, Mordheim, Battle Fleet Gothic and even handling The Lord Of The Rings.

With Total War Hammer and Mordheim games coming out soon on PC and the fact that this has taken GW a long time to support these games is it a little to late or will the legions of fans still playing these games be rejoicing?

There's a lots of games already out there at the moment that have the flavour and style of these older GW games. So the question is are GW trying to make a quick buck on these old IP's or will they fully support theses systems?  This will be one of the big sticking points for gamers as well as the price point as the market is getting cheaper.

Also what happens to the living rule books for games such as Blood Bowl will these become obsolete as GW rewrites the rules of their games to feel more up to date? Will these be limited addition games?

Time will tell what GW will do with this new studio as well as how they carry on with Lord Of The Rings. If GW can pull this off right this could be a very successful move.

What do you think?


riot ville said...

VERY excited about this!!!!!!

The Flaming Heretic said...

This could be good, but they have to it much better than last time!