Monday, 16 November 2015

Luxury Cruise... An Imperial Assault Mission

On sunday Macca brought down Imperial Assault to The Essex Legion. As a massive Star Wars fan I already play X wing and wanted to have a go at this!

I was playing along with fellow gamer Andrew who last week played a main mission but today was a side mission to the campaign Macca is working through.

Macca was controlling the Imperials for this mission. We were tasked to infiltrate an Imperial ship and steal a transport shuttle which was being repaired. We had to make sure all the main com systems were controlled by standing next to each of them and no other Imperial force adjacent to the square to capture it at the end of each turn. All Macca had to do was to wound all the Rebels which meant we were still alive but we had less abilities. If we got wounded again after that our characters would run off the board to fight for another day.

Andrew and I chose 2 charters each. I chose Jyn Odan a Sly Smuggler and Biv Bodhirk basically a dude with a huge gun! Andrew chose Mak Eshka 'rey a sniper and Fenn Signis a veteran.

Macca laid out the board with all the Imperials deployed

Story Time....
In a Galaxy Far Far Away.....

The rebels have been hiding in an Imperial ship for days climbing through sewers and hot vent systems to gain access to the main decks of the Imperial ship.  Finally the band of Rebels mange to find a loose vent and enter the ships decks..

The rebels begin to sweep the area and move to engage the unit of Stormtroopers before they are spotted while trying to gain control of the first com system.

The rebels managed to kill one of the Stormtroopers and begin to take control of the first com system.

The team deiced to split up (will this be a wise move?) An alarm sounds as the last of the Stormtroopers are killed and a shot rings out. Fenn is wounded... More Stormtroopers ahead!

Biv and Fenn decided to try and secure the corridor and at the same time wounding some of the Stormtroopers while Mak and Jyn try to sneak around the other side of the ships deck.

Suddenly an elevator bell rings.. (ding) in the corridor where Biv and Fenn are trying to hold off the advance of the Stormtroopers Dun Dun Da...  two Imperial Guard enter the battle.

Mean while. Jyn tries to sneak by and open the door to one of the side rooms but fails leaving Mak to do it. As the door opens to the surprise to them both a Protocol Droid begins to fire at them. The Droid cause the Rebels to act quickly and mange to destroy the Droid and gain control of another com system for the Rebels...

But little did they know Biv and Fenn were in trouble desperately trying to stop the onslaught from the Stormtroopers and Imperial Guard forcing Biv and Fenn back. They both manage to kill one Guard and Two Stormtroopers.... At the end of the round another Imperial Guard arrives. He begins to hack away and wounds Biv. The shear man power of the Imperials forces Fenn to flee along with Biv making it an up hill battle for the Rebels to complete their mission.

Jyn and Mak enter the main room wounding and killing an Officer and a Stormtrooper not knowing the fate of their fellow comrades in arms. Jyn and Mak are forced to take some damage after their encounter. Another lift bell rings (ding) more Stormtroopers arrive and the Imperial Guard hearing the commotion close in.

Jyn and Mak desperately open the next door and run from the incoming of reinforcements. As they do they secure the next com system.
Mak suddenly gets hit from laser fire and suffers more damage but Jyn and Mak take down 2 more Stormtroopers and another Imperial Guard before Mak finally has to flee the ship due to being wounded heavily... The Imperils are starting to close in on Jyn with only one com system left and Jyn only on a few more damage points left its a race against time..

The last Imperial Guard senses his chance and advances over to Jyn..... He then closes in for the kill which wounds Jyn ending the mission for the Rebels as all have now been wounded and hands a victory to the Imperials.

I really enjoyed this game you can senses the tension ramping up with each game turn and how the rebels have got the odds stacked agains them.

After the game we discussed that we should have really stuck together and cleared rooms out as a team. The Rebels work best using a more shoot and move tactic as the Imperials will just keep coming at you after every game turn.

I like the fact that this is a RPG style game in the Star Wars universe. I have not played many RPGs but this was nice and easy to pick up and play.

Even though we failed the mission we still had to do some end of game house keeping as the characters still get XP and money which we could spend to select new equipment  for the next missions as its only going to get harder.

As we packed away the board Macca showed me all the figure expansions that he had with him and I started to get shiny syndrome.. Every new figure expansion pack you get a unique side mission card and map which uses the main boxes tiles for new games in a campaigns. Thats not including the two box set expansions either...

The core box set is massive and was impressed with the figures and number of them you get as well as the size of the AT ST. Also included are a load of booklets for quick reference for the rules, the main mission book and one that I am excited about was the rules for the skirmish game!

Looking at the scale of the models I think I can use my toy AT AT and Millennium falcon for the Skirmish game. Whaoo!

I think this game might have to be on my Christmas list this year.... Hint Hint.


George McCreight said...

Nice write up sir, look forward to your next mission. Also found an imperial assault campaign app which helps record all of the points, cards and mission's.

Shaggy said...

Thanks for brining it along on Sunday. The app sounds great you will have to show me next time I see you.

The Flaming Heretic said...

That sounded cool.
I find hints don't work. Might start doing what she does and just buy what I want and then ask for the money (why can I not see that working?).

Shaggy said...

Ha ha could work but I am sure if I keep emailing the game info and leaving post it notes around the hint will hopefully be taken..

The Flaming Heretic said...

Ha ha, you still have a lot learn ;-)
I can put it in her hand saying 'this is the one' and by the time we get to the checkout it will have been put down!