Saturday, 21 November 2015

It's A Month Till Star Wars! Crack Out The Clip Kits!

I have been supper busy this week and not had a lot of time to do any hobby related activity.

As it's only a month till Star Wars ( I've ready booked my tickets he he) and had an hour spare I thought I would dig out my Revell clip kits that I'd been given for my birthday months back and finally got down to making them

These are pre painted models which are hard plastic on a basic sprue that clip together pretty easily with simple instructions with no glue needed.

 X Wing complete with R2-D2

 Darth Vader's Tie Fighter (He is in there I promise)

Red Leader......Watch Your Six.

As easy kits go they are not to bad but I would add glue to the joints just to make sure everything holds especially if you want to play with them.

The scale of these models are pretty good and go well with the toy range that you may have.
The paint job on the X Wing is not the greatest and on the Tie Fighter it does not completely stick together flush but as shelf pieces for display or if you want to get some younglings into model making you cant go wrong and come on it's Star Wars!

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