Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Charity Shops The Secret Resource for Wargaming

I love charity shops. You walk in and you never know what you will find kind of like Forest Gump and his box of chocolates..

I've been lucky of late as they have become a great resource for my wargaming habit and I have found some absolute bargains.

I found this complete D and D game the other day.

Even had theses two fellas in the box too! Ones a world eater from 92 and not sure but the marine must be in the same era.

I also found in one shop a tin which had tons of Khorne Berzerkers.

It also contained Lord of the Rings figures everyone from the Mines of Moria set minus Frodo and LOTR scenery which came up pretty well after after a bit of paint

I've even added to my library and grabbed these Warhammer army books and even some Black Library books.


As you can see you can find some gems in charity shops. So the next time you pass a charity shop or see a car boot sale take a look around as you never know you could be surprise with some war gaming goodies.

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