Sunday, 8 November 2015

What Are Rainy Days For...

Well yesterdays weather was awful. I had to pop out and got completely soaked. When I got back in I put on a cup of tea and cracked open my KR cases to see if there were any unfinished models (which there are a few) or something quick I could paint. As I looked at the pile of metal and undercoated minis and set my eyes on these fellas.

These old GW models are great. They are full of character.

I took some pictures of these a few weeks ago before I started work on them. It didn't take me long to get these fellas painted the other day as I tried to keep it simple using minimal amount of colours. I just did a few touch ups here and there today to finish them off.

I don't know what game I can use them for yet but I am sure so thing will come up down the line where I can crack these out. I really did enjoyed painting these.

Next up was finishing my Iron Fang kovnik, I tried just using Army Painter Dragon Red undercoat on this first as I usually start off with a black undercoat then spray the Dragon Red after. It was a bit of a bright red at first but after adding some washes and just selecting a few colours and keeping the colour pallet simple it turned out to be something I am happy with. I will be sticking to using just the Dragon Red and the colours used on this model from now on and use it on with my Iron Fang unit.

I have a few Warmachine models to crack on with but on my to do list are these Skipknot Dwarf Clowns, I first saw them when Riot Ville Link Here posted them on his blog for his post apocalyptic circus and I just had to have them. I am thinking they would make great henchman.

Thanks Mr2Key For These Boys!
I am just thinking about a colour scheme, I may go for red boiler suits to match Slipknots first album cover..

Well it was nice to have a rummage around and take stock of what minis I have and which ones are needing attention as if you are like me I have found things that are half finished, did not know I had and some I have not even started yet. So days like this are good to get things finished off and make a a rather large to do list. Now wheres my brush...


The Flaming Heretic said...

You're welcome:-)
Love the metal on the Kovnik, really nice!

Shaggy said...

Thanks mate! I did really enjoy painting it.