Wednesday, 4 November 2015

We Are Legion Part 2

After my second game I took a stroll around the club and had a chat with a few of the members and had a look at all the games being played tonight.

Macca gets ready to take down the Imperium..

Croc's are on the loose

Germanicus explains the befits of praying to the dice gods when playing Warmachine.

Some fine examples of 40K armies on show

So it was now time to get back to some gaming. My third game was against Ben who was running Cryx and Deneghra.

Cryx run forward.. dun dun da.

My jacks move up and are shocked by the shear pace of the Cryx jacks. Then Ben rubs salt in the wounds for my poor movement ability and casts crippling grasp now putting one of my Jacks movement down to a mighty 2 inch move..

Ben pops feat. Now my Destroyer is basically crippled as it's previous -2 is stacked on top of another -2 to all my stats except my mat and rat.. Luckily Sorscha was not in feat range.

Ben's heavy jack decides to go for the kill and destroys my Destroyer...

Sorscha is put into a corner and uses her move then wind rush to move closer to Deneghra but she can't get close enough to take a whack at her so she casts razor wind but with no luck. Then look who pops up by Sorscha...

Ben played really well and used all the tricks he had in his battle box to his advantage. Note to self don't play against Cryx!

So 3 losses but I was more then happy to make sure my opponents had fun and got to grips with the main elements of Warmachine. The battle box games were fun and a good opportunity to run out Sorscha and her jacks as it has been a long time since she has seen the table top.

Prizes were handed out on the night to the winners of best painted, most wins and wooden spoon (no it was not me)

As it neared the end of the night I was invited to enter my name into one of the clubs chapters.

Guess which one I went for..

I enjoyed my time at the Essex Legion it was good to meet new gamers and to see a lot of game systems that I enjoy being played.
There's lots of plans for 40k campaigns as well as a Christmas X Wing campaign and a Warmachine journey man league in the new year.

I am defiantly going to try and get down to The Essex Legion when I can. It's not the easiest of clubs to get to for me but with the welcoming atmosphere and sheer number of games being played I am going to do my best..

If your free on a Sunday between 5-10pm and can get to the Hornchurch area check out Essex Legion.

Essex Legion Web Site

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