Monday, 23 November 2015

X wing League. Game 1 Rebels Vs Scum and Villainy

Tonight is the first night of the Essex Legion X wing League to coincide with the build up to the new Star Wars film. There are 6 players and we hope to play at least 2 games each.

I have to admit I've not played in a while which is a shame as I've been waiting to use my Millennium Falcon I got at Salute this year.

The games are going to be a standard 100 point battle. As I am not great at making lists. I found a List Maker here where you can just click what ships you have and it creates a list with the extra equipment cards and upgrades.

I deiced to run with Chewbacca in the Falcon with marks man, Red Squadron X Wing pilot with R2 D2 and proton torpedoes and a Rookie pilot with R2 F2.

My opponent Paul was flying the flag for the Scum and Villainy using Two Star Vipers and a Kihraxz Fighter

We both are a bit rusty at the game so it was a good intro back into the game for both of us.

In Formation

We set up as so.

All ships turn towards the middle of the map trying desperately to avoid the on coming asteroids with the Kihraxz Fighter hiding behind the Star Vipers.

The Star Vipers acquire target locks against the Falcon and on one of the X wings.

The vipers manages to take off all the shields on the X wings while the Falcon gets two hits on one of the Star Vipers.

The Falcon moves forward while the Vipers and Kihraxz moves in for the kill. They distroy the Rookie X wing piolit dealing a double damage card and hit the Falcon which loses a shield. 

Luckily R2 D2 was on hand for the Red Squadron leader to fix both shields on his X wing.

The Kihraxz is hit by The Falcon and his weapons are disrupted which will not allow it to deal it’s devastating close quarters damage. (phew)

Sensing the danger The Red squadron pilot takes aim and destroys the Kihraxy pilot and target locks one of the Vipers. The two Vipers turn 180 to try and surround the X wing. The Falcon meanwhile does a full turn to advance into the battle zone.

The Falcon moves into the middle of the field as the X wing gives chase. The X wing fires on the target locked viper and destroys it.

The X wing carries on its pursuit of the last Viper while the Falcon decides to turn into an asteroid near missing (Chewbacca must be drinking something?) The Viper turns to engage its foe.

The Falcon shoots and hits the Viper and the X wing follows its lead.... Thus ending the game for a Rebel victory.

It was a very enjoyable game with very good dice rolls for both players. We were also lucky with the damage deck as my Rookie X wing pilot got a double damage card and Paul getting the worst card he could get which was weapons failure on his Kihraxz missing out on one of his biggest tools in close quarters firing.

So it was my first win in the league which is great but as Han Solo said “don’t get cocky” as its still early days and we will see what happens next time in a galaxy far far away...

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