Wednesday, 2 December 2015

40K For A Change.... Daemon On The Loose.

After my trip to Warhammer World in October I have been itching to paint something 40k related. 

After digging through my Chaos collection I discovered my spare Daemon Prince (I love these guys) that was unpainted. Shock horror... Well I do have another two that are already painted so I do have an excuse.

I went for something different rather then my usual Nurgle colours. The model was undercoated green with some silver added to the armour. I then used a purple wash to cover the skin and some of the metal work as well as using some good old black wash.

The colours were chosen so that this could be more of a generic Daemon Prince that could be used in any Chaos war band.

I've also just added some touches to my Heldrake base. I have to get some water effects for this really (used PVA here) but through happy accidents of red paint spillage I had the idea to use my dead Space Marine as a feature. 


It always feels good working through you pile of minis that need to be painted. It is also great to be able to switch up what models and colour pallets to keep things interesting.

I am off to see what else I can find. 


riot ville said...

Very cool!

The Flaming Heretic said...

You and your Daemon Princes!
Looking good, the base also gives that extra something.
Did you find anything else?

Shaggy said...

Yep I do love them! Let's hope the next Codex reflects the awesomeness of them!
I've had a dig around and found a load of chos bikes, a defiler unpainted and a old metal chaos dreadnought which I converted to make it look all Nurgley and yes unpainted... More stuff to look through....

Phil said...

Nice and very impressive!

Shaggy said...

Thanks Phil.