Tuesday, 22 December 2015

X wing League: Smash N' Grab (Epic Battle)

The X wing League at the Essex Legion drew to a close on the weekend. It was the last meet of the year and in celebration of the new Star Wars film an epic 500pt X wing battle was to be played.

To get you in the mood watch the video first before reading on...

The mission for the game was to get at least one of the Rebel transports to the other side of the board before they were either blown up or taken captive by the Empire or the on coming Scum ships..

Empire and Rebels are set up either side with the first wave of scum pilots in the middle.
Han in the Falcon was flanked either side by Luke and Biggs with Wedge on the right and two A wings leading on the left and the deadly formation of B wings on the right.

The Empire are flying a fleet with the Emperor himself and Darth Vader..... Dun Dun Dah!!

Rebels start first....

All the Rebel ships move forward at maxim speed with the A wings boosting forward.

The Scum meet the Rebel ships head on and they start to strip away the shields on the Falcon dealing a critical hit.

The Scum are delt some deadly damage to taking hits and suffering losses. Some ships fall to the might of the Tentive and are simply crushed by the sheer mass of the ship.

X Wings move in to try and help out the Falcon. Luke loses his shields while Biggs fly's at his side for support. An A wing is suddenly shot and damaged beyond repair as the Flacon begins to get swarmed by the sheer number of Scum ships. Sadly it just is too much for the Flacon to handle and gets shot out of the sky.

Luke crashes in to slave one and takes out one of the Scum ships. He then K turns to get behind Slave one but does not see Talon Bane who destroys Luke's X Wing.

Tantive starts to fire on the Scum taking some casualties as the Scum try desperately to fire back at the huge rebel ship.

The Empire on the other side of the board are slowly moving forward to meet the Rebels watching with glee as the Rebel fleet is slowly being picked apart when suddenly a second wave of Scum Ships meets them and start to attack the Empire.

The Rebels are nearly half way towards there goal as they start to encounter the other battle between The Scum and The Empire.

The last 2 ships of the first wave of Scum are left fighting the Rebels one trying desperately to hang on to one of the transports while the other dangerously close to the Tantive as the Rebels begin to engage the Empire..

The A wing shoots at the Hounds Tooth with its missiles and gets 4 hits and deals 1 hit to every enemy ship close by.

Not long after in revenge for the earlier attack the A wing is destroyed by the empire as the Reming X wings and B wings start to target the Empires fleet and remaining Scum ships.

The last remaining ships for the Scum drastically start to thin out and leaves the Empire and the Rebels to battle it out.

Just as the Rebels and Empire start to really engage each other in battle unfortunately time had to be called to the game as it was getting late....

It was an epic battle with huge ships and lots of dice rolling to be had. The Rebels managed to get half way up the table with out loosing any transports. Everyone enjoyed the game and it was so awesome to see huge ships on the table.

Here's Ed with his Favourite ship....

At the end of the night prizes were awarded to the players of the league. Ed and Macca came joint 1st in the league representing the Empire and the Rebels. Well done guys. Thanks to www.cogotwo.com for the prizes for playing in the league.

My prize for 5th place. These should help with my focus...

Well done to all that took part in the event and thanks to Phil at the Essex Legion for arranging the league and the epic game. It was really fun to get back into X wing and a great way to celebrate the new film.

As it was the last meet up at The Essex Legion for 2015 I have to say thank you to all the guys at club not only for the Christmas food put on this year but also making the long travel down these last couple of months worth it.

You guys are always welcoming and have created a great atmosphere and community spirt. I look forward to what you guys do in 2016.


riot ville said...

It looked like a top game from where I was sitting!

Shaggy said...

Yeah it was a lot of fun mate. Always good getting loads of models on the table...and it's Star Wars :)