Thursday, 10 December 2015

Bark At The Moon

During the last month while riding the bus to get to The Essex Legion or for work. I've been reading The Space Wolf Omnibus. It follows Ragnar Blackmane's rise through the ranks of the Space Wolves. I'm really enjoying it and would recommend any one to have a read if they get a chance.

So with this it inspired me to continuing my raid through all my miniatures and had a little look at my Space Wolves collection.

I have always like the Spaces Wolves as models and thought about making a Space Wolves army for a while now.

I got a box of Space Wolves and a Starter Army set of Space Marines I found cheap a while back and got to work on making some Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, Wolf Lords and some Scouts.

This week I also received a box of more Space Marines from Ebay which included another Rhino/Predator.

First thing was to strip some of these marines so I could make some Long Fangs which would all be using rocket launchers. As I had spare rocket parts from Rhinos etc I decided to magnetise some of them to the shoulder pads of the Space Marines.

I also went about making up 2 Rhinos/ Predators and used some of the spare marine accessories to stick on the Rhinos. I also tried to add some bullet holes to the side and front of one of the Rhinos by drilling out small holes and using a craft knife to add impact marks around the holes.

I also seemed to have collected a few HQ's as well.

I had to get my paint brush out and got to work on Ulrik the Slayer.

I need to get the latest codex so just going by an older codex for reference for now but I want to give the Sons of Russ a run out in the new year.


The Flaming Heretic said...

Never really been into the Wolves, but I like your Ulrik.

Shaggy said...

Cheers mate.