Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Welcome to The DeadZone Pt 1

A few weeks ago it was black friday. The usually emails and adverts flew into my email in box and I browsed through for any good deals.

One email came to my attention was from Mantic games. Mantic's special offer was their board game come skirmish game Deadzone for more then half price off.
I have played the game once at a salute a few years ago and have some of the Mantic terrain already so I decided I would take the plunge.

2 weeks later it arrived.....

The Big Box
Apon opening the box I could see all the lovely shiny toys but the one thing I noticed was the box contents was not packed with any foam or bubble wrap to protect any of the contents.

I found some tokens all ready pooped out and a part of some the terrain already lose from the sprue in the box.

I am more used to a well packed product like the AvP game so I am not to sure why this did not include any protective packing especially when sending it through the post.

Lots In The Box
The contents includes:

1 Full Colour A4 Rulebook
6 Eight sided dice
130+ counters
54 Card Enforcers Faction Deck
54 Card Plague Faction Deck

Urban Battlezone
2’x2’ Durable Urban Gaming Mat
28 Modular Plastic Scenery tiles
20 Piece Plastic Accessory Sprue
48 Piece Connector Sprue

12 Plastic Enforcers Miniatures
1 Enforcer Peacekeeper Captain
4 Enforcers with Heavy Rifle
2 Assault Enforcers
1 Enforcer Engineer
1 Enforcer Sniper

1 Enforcer Missile Launcher
Lots Of Terrain
2 Enforcer Sentry Guns
11 x 25mm Round Bases
1 x 40mm Round Base

11 Plastic Plague Miniatures
1 Plague Stage 1A
3 Plague Stage 2A
4 Plague Stage 3A
1 Plague Stage 3A with HMG
2 Plague Stage 3D “Hellhounds
7 x 25mm Round Bases
4 x 40mm Round Bases


The rule book looks good and not to long in length which hopefully will mean it wont take long to learn and get playing.

Lots Of Minis!
The models look like they will need a lot of clean up and one thing I am a little worried about is building them as there is no instructions.. So for beginners getting into this board game/skirmish game may be a little put off by this. There are pictures in the rule book and on the box so I will see how I get on later.

The 2X2 gaming mat is nice and heavy duty just like the playmates that are now readily available that use mouse matt material.

One element I am a little disappointed in is the quality of the print on the mat. It looks a little grainy and blurred and some of the colours look green like the printer has run out of ink. It may be the design but its hard to tell due to the print quality.

I am not sure if its a faulty product but if it is I would have thought QC would have checked this but it could be the technology has also advanced since the release of the game.

Did The Ink Run Dry?
All in all I am happy with what I received especially at the price I got it for. I have seen lots of videos on game play and terrain builds  using the contents of this box.
I can see this is going to be a fun game that can be picked up and played with little fuss and as its only on a 2X2 it wont take up to much table space.

The other factions look interesting ( The Rebs look cool) and as the new update of Deadzone and new terrain coming out soon due to another successful Kickstarter by Mantic this year it could be just the right time to start playing.

Now off to start building the models...

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