Wednesday, 7 March 2018

RiotVille 2018 Part 2

After having lunch in what I can say was a side room tucked away looking like a scene from Game of Thrones we got back to it and striated to set up for game 3.

 Game 3

Wood Elf's Vs Dwarfs

Scenario Two Meeting Engagement.
The table was split diagonally and we could not be 6 inches from the line...

Lano got first turn and stupidly I put my Organ gun where he could get it straight away with his Eagles...That did not last long..
Larno's skirmishers popped up behind me as all of his arrows and attacked were focused on getting rid of my Gyro copter on the right hand side of the board.

Lano then pumped all these dice into my Hammerers..His units get up to 3 ranks of fire in forests and he gets to put one down at the start of the game gulp..

Not looking good...

As expected I suffered some heavy casualties while his fast Calvary and other flying Eagles went after my Canon.

After that my Canon was gone and the Gyro Copter was shoot out of the sky by arrows lots of arrows..My Hammerers finally also succumbed to the Wood Elfs and my Long beards where stuck we called game there..

Victory for the Wood Elfs..

I lost  this game as soon as I deployed doh. Lano is always gracious enough to go through games with me and explained about what to think about next time and how I can improve my army. I am finding out that the low Initiative is not helping but also due to Dwarfs only walking 3 inches theres not much room for error in deployment so Dwarfs can be unforgiving.
Thanks to Lano though I have ideas and strategies to help me next time..

Game 4
Vampire Counts Vs Dwarfs

Next up was Macca's Vampire Counts and lots and lots of Zombies and Skeletons!
Scenario one pitched battle
We each had to place one objective maker 12 from any table edge and at the end of the game if a friendly unit is 5 inches or closer you get 3 VP.

After the talk with Lano I set up more closer together with my Gyro on the right hand side ready to meet on coming Bats...
I still misjudged the space between my Hammerers and Thunderers so had to put my Long Beards on the right.

Macca started the game off by marching or should I say shambling forward and the bats on the right moved and his Varghulf moved closer on the left...

Macca does his magic where he can raise a lot of undead... I had to use my rune of spell breaking to get rid of either he can raise D6 plus 4 Zombies and Skeletons or a spell where he can raise a full unit 18 inches away....That had to go and luckily I rolled a 5 to banish it from the game..

I managed to shoot some Zombies and Skeletons as they came forward and shot at one of the Bats with the Gyro Copter steam gun and got rid of them both after a round of close combat so the Gyro moved round to engage the Skeleton unit with the Vampire Lord in.

The Thunderers proceeded to shot at the oncoming Knights and did some damage.
Then Macca did what Vampire counts do and raised more dead...
Then charged into my Hammerers and Long Beards.

 Macca's Terrogheist started to creep up on the left gunning for my  Canon and Organ Gun before they can fire at the Vadrghulf. The Vadrghulf Charged in to give the final blows in to the war machines..

The Hammerers got rid of one of the Zombie units while the Long Beards start to tear through another horde of Zombies but they keep coming.

Macca's Knights see an opportunity and ride out to meet the unengaged Hammerers.

The Vadrghulf and Terrogheist move on to The unit of Thunderers on the left hand side tying them up in combat and gradually got the best of the unit before the Terrogheist move on to the next unit of Thunderers on the right.

The Hammerers and Knights go at it and the Hammers keep swimming and destroy the unit while the Long Beards also chew through the unit of Zombies.

Then the Crypt Horrors came in but after a few rounds of combat from my Lord and BsBs help to get rid of the Crypto horrors.

On the last turn Macca's Skeleton unit come changing in we both swing at each other and more skeletons go down and my Hammerers can't get in to help..
The Thunderers are also stuck as they were tied up with the Terrogheist..

Then  we had to call game as it was the end of turn 6.
 Macca did not have a unit by his Objective Marker and we both just contested my objective marker. As we total all the points it comes out as a Draw!

A very close game this one and I was more happy with the deployment and tactics I employed for this game. It was good to chat to Macca about his armies as like me he had not played much Warhammer and as I have a small undead army it was good to see one that I could kind of replicate.

Overall my results for the day were 3 losses and 1 draw...The empire did not fair well today sorry Lee.
I have learnt a fair bit about my army today regarding tactics and the importance of deployment swell as taking smaller size units units  but there are some I want to try and incorporate.

I must say even though there were some heavy defeats on the day I really did enjoy myself and was very happy to be a part of Riot Ville Live.

Lano looks to have been the overall winner of the day taking a lot of territory that effects the guys games over the next few months.

I want to say thanks to Riot for arranging the day and to all who attended.
I look forward to next year!
Bring on Riot Ville Live 2019!

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