Thursday, 7 January 2016

2015 In Review.

Happy New Year!

Another year of gaming has passed by and just at the end papa Nurgle decided to give me the lurgy. Thanks.

Before the year was out I finished these two Warmachine models. Saxon Orrik and my Christmas present from Ed Ogrun Bokur.

I tried a different undercoat this time using bone by Army Painter as I was getting tired of using black and finding it difficult to see some of the details in the models. After doing this I might have to start using this a bit more often or a lighter coat of white or grey at least as it really seemed to make things a lot easier.

Talking of Christmas presents I was a very lucky boy. Following on from my games of X wing at the Essex Legion I got a load of Star Wars X wing ships even the new starter set. So I now have lots to choose from (not as many as Ed though ;) ) After seeing the film twice I want some more T90's and look forward to what new ships Fantasy Flight bring out. (Ghost...cough....)

So on to the year that was 2015.

The year started by coming back to gaming again after a brief spell away and headed straight in at the deep end with Warmachine.

I really added to my army during these months working on what units I liked and introduced some new casters, solos and jacks to my collection.

During the months that followed I was able to get some good experience playing Ret thanks to Ed.

Sylys with his Leroy Jenkins moment... yes he did hit but only scratch the paint work..

2015 was also a year of trying out some new board games.

I had fun playing as a smuggler in Firefly.

Also on the table was AvP which I feel in love with due to the minis and had to grab a copy.
unfortunately I am known as the worst Predator player according to Riot having played them once in an Alien heavy mission.. Should not have split them up sigh.. This will change in 2016!

I also went on a few trips this year.  My first trip was in April where I went to Salute and it was packed with toys. I walked away with new terrain,  Warmachine minis even some free Terminators..

In october a group of us headed down to Warhammer World and our minds were blown. Lets just say grown men were acting like kids. We even got a kill team game in where my Nugrle marines were victorious.


During October I made my first visit to the Essex Legion and played a few intro games of Warmachine.

Over the last months since going along to the club I even got back into X wing playing in a league which finished up in a huge epic battle.

At the tail end of the year the last project I started was to work on my Deadzone figures.

Phew 2015 was packed full of gaming goodness. It was great to get back into some old games as well as discovering some new ones to. Most of all it was great to reconnect with some gaming mates old and new again and find a new club that is buzzing with ideas and lots of access to play different games each week. It was also great to get out the brush and work on some minis.

So on to the new year. My gaming plans for 2016 are to try and play as many games as I can and get some more Warmachine games in before the upcoming journeyman league at the Essex Legion as I have not played in months. Also I need to build my AvP models and finish my Deadzone project.

At the start of this year I have had a quick look at the Frostgrave rule book and it  looks like a fun game. I have not really delved into any fantasy games so this could be a good place to start. Another good part is it should not cost me anything to start playing as I have some Lord of the Rings figures that I am sure I can use.

So what's your plans for 2016?

To finish off I thought I would post some of the minis I have painted or things I have made this year. I hope to be able to keep chipping away at that pile of plastic and metal.


The Flaming Heretic said...

Seems like you had a good year.
Well up for frostgrave, let's make it happen!

Shaggy said...

Yep defo. Need to start reading the rules and see if I can get a war and of some sort together..

Paul Symes said...

Was nice to meet you and to get some good games in can't wait till the journeyman league starts.

Shaggy said...

Was good to meet you to paul. Yep I am looking forward to the journey man league also. Got to get some pratice games in though....