Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Big Battle Board Build.

For the last 2 years I have been waiting on a Kickstarter battle board from Games and Gears and have been collecting various bits of terrain in preparation.

Now I am not going to go into a large rant about it here as it's just to long and tiering. So if you want to see the project you can look at Game and Gears battle boards Kickstater on line and see all the comments and calamities.

Anyway after years of delays they finally have said that they may not be able to send me my 6x4 plastic battle board ( I would have to have chosen the last one to get released and not made) 
It was supposed to be six 2X2 boards that clip together  which had trays around the edge for dice and holding cards and minis etc.

After receiving this news (people were not happy!!) I though right I am going to make my own.

So I went to my garage and found some off cuts of wood and popped along to B&Q to get 2 6X2 mdf boards to make my gaming table. 

For those who are masters at DIY look away now....

Here is the finished 6x4 Board.

I started off by making a frame around each board. Along the bottom I used the timber to add a bit of hight and support. 

The frame also gave the board a little edge which stops dice from falling off and frames each piece nicely which is handy when using a mat on the board.

I then drilled holes through the two middle sections along the bottom of each board to fit bolts. This will allow me to connected both boards together and make it easier to store the boards separately. 

Having done this the board still bent a little in the middle if you put to much weight on it. I added some brackets on the joints of the board where each board edge met which stopped this.

This was my first ever board build and made it with out any plans (silly I know). As I used scraps and tried to keep it as cost effective as possible I feel it turned out ok.

It might have been easier to get two 4x2 boards instead as the split of the boards would have gone vertically. This would have been more stable when putting the board on the table but for the same price as two 4x2 I got these 6x4 and bigger is better..

Next time I think I would use 2x1 for the sides and bottom so I could add some hinges. Then it could be a folding table.

Now it just needs its first game and luckily Ed is free and is coming to play some X wing..


The Flaming Heretic said...

Nice, now we just need some winter scenery 😀

Shaggy said...

Yeah reminds me I am going to have to make an inventory of all my terrain I have racked up a fair bit. Might have to check out what scenario needs what terrain.