Wednesday, 27 January 2016

X wing : Rebels Vs Scum (New Board Test)

So for the maiden voyage of the newly made board I invited Ed over and we settled on a game of X wing (got to use my new Deep Cut Mat to)

Ed was playing Scum today and went with this lovely lot.

I was rebels and went for this formation.  (I was proxing recon specialist 2 focus for Chewie yeah.)

The Rebel ships are on there way to meet up with the rest of the Rebel fleet when suddenly they encounter hostiles ahead.

All ships charge forward dangerously close to the asteroid belt. Chewie and Blue squadron 7 moves to the left to meet Talon Bane while B wing 14 moves of to meet the Star Viper and Y wing.

Talon Bane shoots and hits the B wing taking down 2 shields. Chewie fires and hits causing Talon Bane to lose shields. The B wing follows Chewie’s lead and fires and also scores a hit.

The Y wing and Viper gang up on B wing 14 but they only take a few shields. The B wing in return attacks and hits the Y wing.

B wing 14 moves forward as the Y wing and Viper move behind out of all of each others firing arcs.

Talon Bane moves in and fires again on B wing 7 and takes more shields which delivers double damage. The B wing in response  K turns to face Talon Bane.
Chewie fires on Talon Bane causing more damage. B wing 7 in revenge fires and destroys Talon Bane.

The Y wing moves forward firing on B wing 14. The Star Viper also attacks which takes the remaining shields from the B wing and delivers damage.

(side note I miscalculated a move with Chewie which made his base go out of the area. The rules meant that the Flacon was gone from the game but Ed allowed another move.. Thanks ed.)

All Ships start to close in on each other. Chewie and B wing 14 move in to reinforce the charge on the last of the Scum ships.

The Y wing and Viper attack  B wing 14 which is desperately trying to hang on until reinforcements arrive but he takes to much damage and is destroyed.

Chewie arrives and takes revenge and shoots at the Y wing and destroys it.

The Viper scans and can see the remaining B wing is in distress due to Talon Banes earlier work and fires at the B wing. Unable to evade in time the B wing is destroyed as Chewie moves on ward to meet the Viper.

The Viper dances around the Falcon and shoots taking out the last of the Flacons shields also leaving 7 hull left.

Chewie fires back but fails to hit but shoots again due to gunner but again no luck.

Both ships continue to move side by side both desperately trying to make that critical blow.

The Viper fires and misses. Chewie sensing the time is now fires and hits 3 times destroying the Viper giving the Rebels a victory.

This was a very enjoyable game. I tried this list for the first time and was happy the Flacon lasted all game this time. The B wings are defiantly really hard and I can see why some people take 4 of them. I'm looking at you Macca!

I know it would have been a very different game if Ed did not let me take back a move with the Flacon.. I got to really take care with ships with large bases and calculating moves.

So not only was this an enjoyable game the board has now been officially christened with its first run out.  I'm really happy it works. I cant wait to get some more games in on it. 

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