Friday, 14 June 2019

Hunting for Plaguebearers...

After Saturdays game of Path To Glory I needed to get some Nurgle Plaguebearers for the next game.
As these games have been a great excuse to raid the mountains of grey plastic I suddenly had a great idea what to use.

A while ago I backed Cool Mini or Not The Others board game and it came with loads expansions that have really good chaos/demon like miniatures

Looking through the boxes I decided that the Gluttony expansion would be perfect for plague bearers and for the Oger I needed.

After a quick undercoate of Halfords white spray and some dry brushing and inks heres my next lot of minis.

As you would expect from Studio McVey these are pretty cool looking miniatures and paint up well for board game pieces.

Lets hope the old saying painted miniatures hit harder is true on Saturday!

So minis painted so far this year is 73..(made an oger and painted it for my war band but going to use this one instead)

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