Monday, 17 June 2019

Path To Glory: Blood On The Tracks

Another Saturday night saw more games in The Path To Glory campaign.

Tonight saw just Riot and I thrown down to try and claim ultimate glory.

Game 6
Trail By Fire
In this game the aim is to wipe each others warband out or make them flee so the victorious lord has the chance to appeal to the chaos goods by rolling a leadership check.
If passed you gain a boon if you fail the gods could punish you.

Also in the middle of the board are some demons that are guarding the shrine.

We set up and I rolled to go first.

I move my warband up trying to keep back a little bit trying to avoid any charges.

Unfortunately for me the dice rolls make the demons come after me...

Riot comes charging in to my beast with two of his. Riots kills my beast with ease but my warrior near by charges and kills both of the beasts.

Riot not expecting my tactics I charge in to his army head on.

I start to take out some of the marauders and forsaken which cause panic but thanks to Riots BSB he passes his tests.

The demons still are holding their ground and save wounds jamming up my marauders and one of my palaguebeareres.

Riots leader and BSB had enough and start to go on the attack.
My troll has seen this and decided to run for it along with one of my plaguebeareres

I finally get rid of some of the demons so I can get more men to Riots warband.

Riot continues to fight back taking out some marauders and surrounds my forsaken and warriors.

On the other side Riots marauder and mine kill each other in combat leaving both our forsaken to fight but in the end Riot is victorious.

Riot has been on the back foot due to my aggression and has to roll a brake test for his war band and passes.

We continue to fight but its my turn to roll a brake test and....I fail!

My warband flees..

After my aggressive play and taking Riot by surprise this was a bit of a disappointment...

Riot moves his leader to the shrine and rolls to get a boon of the Burning Body mutation where he now has flaming attacks with his leader.

I get two glory and have to use it to help with some re rolls to get all my warband back into the fight for the next game.

Game 7

Pitch Battle.
We set up 12 inches from each other and go for an old fashion scrap.
First to kill the opponents war band or makes them flee wins.
I decide that I would use the same aggressive style from the first game but let Riot set up first.

We roll off and I go first and decided to charge in with my beast in to Riot's front line.

I cause Riot to have to take a number of panic test through his entire front line as his beasts runs through. Lucky his BSB was on hand to help out as the warband stood firm.

Riots comes in with the counter charge and moves in.

We start to attack each other and take out each others marauders while my warriors decided to move in to his forsaken and marauders on the right hand side.

I fail a few more panic test and another warrior and forsaken runs away.
(BSB's are a thing)

I move my troll closer to his BSB but my marauder is blocking the path so the troll has to wait.

The marauder and Riots lord start to chew through the warriors with his BSB finally kills my marauder leaving a clear path for my troll.
Another one of Riots beasts dies and I charge in with my oger getting 3 impact attacks which is enough to kill the BSB. (inside voice yes!!)

Riots warband is starting to dwindle down in numbers not before one of my forsaken panics after the death of the marauder from Riots BSB last act of vengeance and runs followed by Riots forsaken but fails to catch him.

I clear out most of the marauder on the right hand sand and cause one to panic and run towards Riots table edge.
In the mean time Riots leader starts to move up towards my leader.

My forsaken kills the last beast near his leader.

Riot attacks my warrior with his leader and kills him and I have to make a panic test with my troll and leader..

Guess what...My leader failed and rolled so high he fled the battle field....great...
My warband carried on with gusto though and my troll charged in and attacked Riots leader.

After getting one wound on the troll  he hits back and kill his leader..

Riot now has to make a brake check to stay in the fight and this time he fails ending the game and a win for me.

A really bloody battle and tense till the end that game.

I win 4 infamy and I also am able to roll on the advancement table and decided to get an extra point in leadership to make it 9 as without a BSB I need it!

I also roll for my warband that died and have to spend a few infamy to get them all back again.

Riot decides to spend his infamy for more recruits and gets a load more beasts..great...

Game 8
So as Riot has the lowest infamy rating for his warband he got to chose the next scenario..
As he had a brand new pack of beasts we played Breakthrough.

The aim here is the attacker sets up at the edge and there aim is to get 25% of there war band to the defenders table edge.
We rolled off and Riot was attacking and I was defending.
Riot only needs 7 of his warband to cross my line..

Riot set up with his beasts on the left and his heavy hitters on the right.

Riot goes first and starts to move all his beast over to left hand side and charges in to the centre of my line.

I move some of my warriors and forsaken to the left hand side to meet the beast and start to attack some of his warband in the centre of my line.

I manage to make some head way and kill off some marauders and warriors.

I also kill one of his beast as he fails his rolls to march and only 3 move closer to the edge.

I made sure I aimed my troll towards Riots BSB and started to surround it
After a few back and fourths the BSB finally died.

Two of my marauders gang on a fellow marauder.

On the left I start to eat trough the hounds trying to eliminate the threat of Riot walking them off the table edge.

In the middle my troll and a few warriors surround Riots leader who gives a good account of himself as he get a wound on the troll.

Riot is losing man and beast fast and declares the end of the game as he cant get enough of his warband off my table edge.

With another win I get more infamy which I use for some re rolls to bring back my warband to full strength and I also roll for some recruits.

I roll for D3 forsaken and get 2 but I can only afford 1 due to the amount of infamy I have.

Riot rolls on the recruitment table and gets some bloodletters for the next game..

So another great night to path to glory with 3 tense games...

Thanks to riot for the games and hosting.

On to the next games.

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Riot said...

Well played man. A knife edged night of gaming!