Friday, 9 February 2018

The 1800 Point Fantasy Dwarf Paint Challenge Pt 1...Riot Ville Live 2018 Preparations.

At the start of the year Riot posted that he will be hosting Riot Ville Live in March..

Now I posted as one of my new year Hobby Resolutions  was to paint up 1800 points of my Dwarfs  before March for this event as I don't want to turn up with unpainted minis. It would also be an excuse to work through the sea of grey... I say this now..

Before I started painting I needed to sort out a 1800 point I am not the best list maker so I made a few and asked  people who are more experienced at Warhammer Fantasy to get some pointers.
I'm still not 100% finalised but I have the main elements of the army in mind so this meant I could sort out my pant schedule.

My army is going to be a mix of Games Workshop and Mantic minis and I have marked what are from what range. 
I will stress that the standard of painting I am going for is table top
 so the aim is to get paint on all these as quick as possible and at an acceptable level.

The minis that need painting are as follows..
1 Lord GW
1 Runesmith GW
1 Unit of Warriors GW
1 Unit Longboards Mantic
1 Unit Hammerers Mantic
2 Units Thunderers with Musicians Mantic + GW
1 Gyro Copter GW
1 Canon + 3 Crew GW
1 Organ Gun + 3 Crew GW

My first unit was going to be some Thunderers which I had to make with my Mantic Dwarfs.

I have around 30 Quarreller  that are from GW so I decided to make these Mantic Dwarf Bowman as Thunderers too by cutting and glueing on some spare guns on top of the bow.
I remembered I glued two of Dwarfs to round bases for Frostgrave.
 I could not uses them as rank and file so I used a 40mm base as a unit filler with a dead Dwarf with a spear in his chest for effect.

Next was an undercoated of Army Painter Brown and set to work painting them.

 A little production line started with a coat of Catachan Green for the cloths and capes then the boots and pockets painted with Mourning Brown and finished off with a wash of Agrax Earthshade. The metals were painted with Tin Bitz.
The bases were painted Calthan Brown and dry brushed with Bleached Bone. Static grass was then added.

After painting these I realised I needed two musicians and luckily I have some Games Workshop minis that fit the bill and painted them up too.

Say hello to my two drummers  Mooney and Bonham... 

Now there done this is how the units turned out.

There we have it 2 units down..

Next Hammer Time!

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Well your well ahead of me!