Sunday, 4 February 2018

Chaos Cultist...Building Towards Shadow War Armageddon.

Now all the terrain is ready for the game of Shadow War Armageddon I better get on with my Chaos war band.

Chaos Space Marines are expensive in the game so the Cultists are going to be the cheaper cannon fodder.

I started by painting some Necromunda style bases from Games Workshop.
These are really easy to get looking good.

These were sprayed silver and then painted with Dwarf Bronze and then washed with Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade with a bit of Chainmail silver to tidy up the edges.

Now in a 1000 its list that i'm looking at only needing around 3 chaos cultist but ermm I got carried away and painted 10..opps..

With all these Cultists I have a few weapons options for my final list which will be very handy if we decided to play a few games as a mini campaign.

So after all that painting here are my Death Guard.

 And finally a group photo...

There we have it the minis are ready the terrains ready now it's just a brush on the rules and we are ready to enter the world of Shadow War Armageddon...

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riot ville said...

Looking good man! Those space Marines are going to take some shifting 😐