Friday, 23 February 2018

The 1800 Point Fantasy Dwarf Paint Challenge Pt 5...Riot Ville Live 2018 Preparations.

Next up on the painting table are my weapons crews and big guns..

I needed fire power and hopefully these will supply it!

For the Organ gun and Canon I went very simple by using Army Painter Plate Metal with a wash of Nuln Oil and some Balthasar Gold.

The Weapons Crews again were sprayed Army Painter Plate Metal and the skin painted with Bugmans Glow with a wash of Reikland Flesh shade.
The sleeves were painted with Dheneb Stone and if they had overalls this was painted Tausept Ochre with the rest of the cloth painted either Mournfang Brwon, Steel Legion Drab or Calthan Brown.
The tools were painted with Chainmail and Balthasar Gold and the beards were painted Mounfang Brown, Averland Sunset and Ceratite White.
I decided the end not to use wash for the Weapons crew.
The bases were painted the same way as before Game Colour Beastly Brown and Bleached Bone with static grass.

One thing I noticed while painting the weapons crew I think they must go to the gym as their arms are ridiculously muscular...
I just hope the shells there loading hit something on the day.

I also managed to squeeze in painting a BSB as well. This was not originally on my list to paint but after specking to Riot about the potential armies and style of play on the day of Riot Ville Live I may need him!

He was based with Army Painter Plate Metal, Bugman Glow for his skin and Averland Sunset was used for his beard with Balthasar Gold for the medallions.
Steel Legion Drab was used for the sleeve and Balthasar Gold, Mordan Blue and Dhenab Stone was used for the banner.
The bases was painted Game Colour Beastly Brown and Bleached Bone with some static grass.

Just my Rune Smith and Gyro Copter to go.....The end is in sight.

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Riot said...

They look brill and yer. . . . . . YER! Your gonna need a BSB.