Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The 1800 Point Fantasy Dwarf Paint Challenge Pt 2...Riot Ville Live 2018 Preparations.

Next up

Under all this mess I assembled more Mantic minis to make 17 Hammerers.
I also luckily had a set of GW Hammerers as my Command unit.

I went off and sprayed these all Army Painter Plate Metal.
The base paint was Mordian Blue with Bugmans Glow for the flesh and Morunfang Brown for the beards. Army painter Matt black was used for the boots and the bases were made with Leather Brown and a  dry brush oflittle Bleached Bone.
Balthasar Gold, Dwarf Bronze, Chainmail was used for the silvers and golds.
Nun Oil was used to wash most of the models and Reikland Fleshshade was used for the faces and beards.

Now Hammer Time..

 As I have all my Mantic models out I better get making some Long Beards..

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riot ville said...

blimey you are cranking those out!!!!