Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The 1800 Point Fantasy Dwarf Paint Challenge Pt 6...Riot Ville Live 2018 Preparations. The End is Nigh...

The end is here....
The last of my Dwarf models are now all painted!

The last models to paint was my Runesmith and the Gyro Copter..

For the Runesmith this was undercoated Matt Black and then I covered all the metal areas with Leadblecher. After this Bugmans Glow was used for the skin with Cerimatie White for his hair and beard. Matt Black form Army Painter was used for the shoes.
The cloak was painted in one of my new favourite Games Workshop colours Incubi Darkness.
I then moved on to use Balthasar Gold.
The base was painted with Beasty Brown and the stone work painted with Codex Grey.

Here he is ready to rally the Dwarfs to War...

The last model in this paint challenge was the Gyro Copter

I undercoated this Army Painter Plate Metal and washed it with Nuln Oil.
I then painted the main area with Incubi Darkness and painted the raised areas and gun Balthasar Gold. The cables under the gun were painted Mechrite Red.

The wings and propellers were painted Dheneb Stone with the turbine at the top painted Balthasar Gold. This was also used to pick out some areas of the Gyro Copter.
Tin Bitz and Chainmail silver was used for the two bombs on the wings.

The Pilot was painted using Mornfang Brown and Steel Legion Drab for the coat and gloves with Bugmans Glow and Averland Sunset for the skin and beard. The Helmet was also Painted using Mounfang Brown and Army Painter Mat Black for the googles.
He was then washed with Rhilkland Flesh shade.

The base was painted using Beasty Brown and Bleached Bone with Codex Grey for the sones and a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

Here he is ready to fly into action. 

There we have it the 1800 point paint challenge is complete and I now have a fully painted army ready for Riot Ville Live...

I wanted to challenge my self this year with projects and this was one of the biggest
 so far due to the  amount of minis that needed to be completed.
I am happy with the results and learned new things especially if I stick my mind to a project I can get it done.
Overall I enjoyed painted these Dwarfs I will say that the Games Workshop minis seemed to really paint themselves.

In the next post I will put a photo up of the completed army so you can see how they all look together.

Now this projects complete I have another in mind but before that I need to get the rules down for Riot Ville and get familiar with my army list..
Its going to be a fun day on the 4th...Watch out the Dwarfs are coming..


Riot said...

Looks brilliant.

Well done for sprinting over the finish line!

I made the mistake of revisiting my army list so I now have a second Gorebeast chariot and a chaos spawn to paint!!

My priority is the BSB as he will also issue challenges. Last thing I want is people having 'hatred' against him!!

Only 3 miniatures to go but they are big ones ;0)

Shaggy said...

Thanks. I am sure you will smash through them...Lets just hope the weather is ok for the big day!