Friday, 16 February 2018

Shadow War Armageddon Day!!

To think that yesterday only happened due to a quick message from Riot after one of my terrain post!

Shadow War Armageddon day arrived after lots of terrain building and quick conversions about rules.

Riot and I started bright and early playing a quick kill team game of Orks Vs Chaos..

Ed turned up just after the first game with his Eldar which allowed us to have a number of games during the day against each other.

Below are some pictures of the day and the different set ups we managed to do from all the terrain that was made between Riot and myself in about 6 weeks..
I was using my Games and Gears battle board which I reviewed here for todays games.

This was the table set up for the first two Kill Team games I played against Riot and Ed..

Orks Vs Chaos Game 1

Everyone is moving up!

Chaos Cultist meat shields are down and fire is ablaze..

Stop laying down on the job!

Oaks moving up...

This Chaos Marine thinks its a good idea to not shoot at this charging Ork?!?

I can tell you from this game Chaos did not fair well at all! Papa Nurgle failed to bless them with great dice rolls.

Chaos vs Eldar
Game 2

As Riot won he decided to sort out all the goodies his team were going to get and let Ed jump in..

It was not long before Ed said I only have 5 models but we had no sympathy
as he had a huge floating gun and all his team had multi shot guns!

Chaos try and move up and pick off some of the hiding Eldar...
The retaliation was hard and swift..

A Cultist manages to down a Eldar model and run up and give him the final blow to get him out of the game.

But the Eldar were not happy and started blowing Cultist off the board and even my Leader was a casualty...Chaos had to retreat as the specialist flamer marine was dead dead...

Orks Vs Eldar
Game 3

This was my cue to be a good host and make some lunch while Eldar and Ork's fight each other.
The board was rearranged to look like this..
The aim here was to garb as many promethium as possible..if you have 3 you can run off the board or if the enemy losses a brake test any promethium left is the other players...Spoils of war..

Also.....It was monster time...Roll a six before your players turn and this guy shows up!!

After I made all the drinks etc I took over for Ed for about 5 mins and it was funny to try and play a team that Riot and I had no idea what they did or what weapons they have...

Also you see that green box....Well that was the last Promethium and you see how theres loads of Ork's...Well you would think Riot would pick it up?

 Well wrong..he did not even see it until I pointed it out..

Luckily Ed came back and he carried on with his game.. which he won after a filled bottle test from Riot.

Ork's Vs Chaos
Game 4

Chaos had enough and were going in to sneak attack the Ork Strong hold.

Chaos had to have a 12 inch bubble from the middle of the board to try and sneak up on the Orks behind the various amounts of terrain...
I bought some more Cultist as meat shields..
Unfortunately in this game the hunters can be come the hunted and the some Ork's were closer then Chaos thought..

Chaos managed to Successfully sneak up and kill a lot of green skins this time gaining some revenge and much needed promethium...

Eldar Vs Chaos
Game 5
Another board reset this time we are gunning for promethium...
Eldar were fast but again the monster was near..

Chaos tried to move up as quick as they could but the Eldar were faster and more deadlier of a shot.. one fun thing though...
The monster chewed through one of the Eldar...

The Final Battle
Ork's Vs Eldar Vs Chaos
Game 6
Again we carried on with the same board set up but this time we would be in 3 corners...The monster was still lose and again it was grabbing as much promethium as possible....
After sorting out our final lists o added more cultist and my Flamer specialist was back and we began..
Riot suggested to uses playing cards for initiative which gave a random element to the game which was good fun.

I ran up quickly and grabbed two promethium boxes quickly but the Ork's to my left weren't happy and soon they weren't going to be again..

The Orks ran round forgetting that right by them was a well placed flamer marine....By by Ork's and as green skin burned the rest of the Ork's that were near by ran away.
until I was charged from a lone Ork..

Then it was the beginning of the end.. Ed rolled a 6 the monster turned up my leader was the closest then guess what..Ed did what he was doing all day...Rolled a 6 and by by Chaos leader..
After that I had to take a bottle test and......I Failed.... That was the final act for the Chaos Marines..
Check out Riots Blog to find out what happened at the end between the Eldar and Orks.

So my thoughts on Shadow War Armageddon.... It was a lot of fun... and was great to play against Riot and Ed.
 Riot was questioning though why I invited Ed though Ha Ha he was playing a great game all day..
I like we only played at a small level in terms of terrain hight as it allowed us to get used to the rules which we did make some mistakes.

I can see it being a great way to do some narrative campaigns but I do feel that even though Chaos Nurgle Marines with toughness 5 can be tanky they are expensive and the cultist are not that great. Maybe next time I should just buy loads of Cultist very cheaply and use them as a meat shield..

I do though have my eye on may be trying an inquisition war band but we will see.

Over all a great little game that I enjoyed making terrain and painting minis for and defiantly will be revisiting Armageddon again!

If you want an in-depth battle report of the day you can read Riots battle reports from the day Here..


riot ville said...

Thanks for hosting mate. It was a good day of gaming EVEN when Ed turned up ;0)

Shaggy said...

Your welcome mate thanks for coming along and playing.