Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Deep Cut Studios Dice Tray Review

We've all been there, we've spent ages setting up our gaming tables moving our minis into positions and then we have to roll dice...and theres no where to roll except on the table with dice flying into carefully painted terrain or knocking into that mini that you have spent hours painting.
Well Deep-Cut Studio have you covered with their Dice Trays.

Made from the same high quality material as their mousemat style gaming mats these dice bowls are perfect designed to be able to taken with you to your local gaming club, tournament or any where as they don't take much space at all.

On Deep Cut's web site you will find many different designs for their Dice Trays.
You can even upload a picture or logo and create you own design and get it printed on any of their products.
Deep Cut Studio were kind enough to give me one of the three Dice Trays here to review.

So lets check these dice trays out.

Each Dice Tray is around 20 cm on each side and the thickness of the mat is around 3mm with clasps on each corner.

I have tested clipping the clasps a few times to check the connection to see if it causes any wear to the corners but they seem to be tough and durable.

The print quality is the same high standard as their gaming mats and is really nice with rich colours and a smooth finish perfect for rolling dice.
When you unclip the corners there are no creases to the material and the squares return to its original state.


So how do the dice roll in these well I am sure Deep Cut can't guarantee that you will get that number you need but these Dice Trays work really well.

They have good hight for the sides and can accommodate a fair few dice and due to the size it fit extra gaming accessories if you need to move around to another table for instance.

So my over all verdict is that these are a great idea made to a high standard and are a great accessory that fits neatly in your gaming bag. The size is good for rolling dice and each corner clip clicks securely in place.

 The three I have here take no room at all in my bag so I can take them for my other wargaming buddies to use.
As they are made from a mouse mat style material the trays can be folded if you want to with no risk of damage but theres no need as there small enough to fit in most bags flat.

Some may feel that they may not need this accessory and rolling dice on a gaming table is fine and thats ok of course but here is a solution that can be used as a good gaming aid if your tight on space or even used as an advertising tool for your gaming club, Pod cast or event with the option of being able to upload your own designs to make your own custom Dice Trays.

I wonder what a Shaggy Wargaming Dice Tray would look like?

For the price and with the number of pre made designs Deep Cut have you covered matching your Dice Trays to your game system and even if they don't you can design your own..

Visit Deep Cut Studios for more info on Dice Trays and their gaming mats.

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