Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Arcane Runins

Going through my terrain pile I dug out the Arcane Ruins set I got from Warhammer World a while ago and went to work getting this off my to do pile.

First up the build...

This set is pretty easy to build can be made in different combinations. It does not take long at all to get all the pieces together.

These pieces come in two bits and with this kit you have options to stick them together or to make archways or just make pillars.

You have spaces on the back and front of the top archway pieces to add the various skull decorations that come in the box. I decided just to put the plain skull on the front and leave the back blank.

The remaining broken pillars and large columns again were in two pieces and glued together easily.
I will say that it does need a little filler of some sorts to hide the joints and a little shaving here and there just to get it right.

I sprayed all of the pieces in Army Painter Grey and then dry bruised all of the ruins with Bleached bone and used Nuln oil as a wash.


Hey preston another terrain set down..only things is the Nuln Oil made it a bit shiny for some reason..I may have to sort out my washes as it seems some leave a shine even though they are not the gloss versions..

Any way another bit of terrain ready for the table.

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