Thursday, 12 April 2018

Khador Gun Carriage....Ebay You Have Done It Again!

Well I ended up on Ebay again and wondered on to the Warmachine section and found this on sale...

After a little message about postage costs it was mine and on its way. 

Within a couple of days it arrived. Now unfortunately even though it was packed in foam it did come a little worse for wear.
The wheels were all off and the Winter Guard had broken off the carriage and a few little bits here and there which needed fixing or repainting..

The paint job was pretty good but I wanted to change up a few things just to my taste.

I began by sorting out the base.
This base is a really cool resin scenic bases. I just went over some of the areas with some Agrax Earthshade and fixed the tail of one of the horses.
Now I know the horses are not the armoured ones you get in the box but to be honest I don't mind as these are pretty nice.

I went over the pictures that were added to the base with some wash also as by the looks of things a lot of Typhus Corrosions was used to give a pretty rusty feel.

Next I worked on the main carriage and went over the metal parts as for my taste it was a little heavy on the rust effect. I just dried bruised the areas with Lead Belcher and added some Nuln Oil.
I also painted the bullet shells at the back with some Lead Blecher and Tin Bitz and washed with Nuln Oil.

Next up I repainted the Winter Guard Rifleman so it matched to my 10 man unit.

The last job for me to do was to dry brush over with Lead Belcher again over the wheels as again it was to heavily corroded for my taste. Then added Tin Bitz to the wheels screws and points which then where covered again in Nuln Oil.

After these were dry I got my hobby drill out and added pins to three of the wheels so these would stay glued to carriage and can be easily and securely glued to the base.
I also added a pin to the Winter Guard Rifleman so I can take him off the carnage when packing it away.

So here it is with my painting additions..

So there you have it I have a gun carriage!!

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