Sunday, 15 April 2018

Salute 2018 Pt 2 Terrain and Game From Kickstarters at Salute.

After a quick pit stop I began wondering the Salute halls and noticed that there seemed to be a lot of kickstarter projects on display.

The first Kickstarter I encountered was one that I had seen a lot on line and it was for the Artis Opus Series S Brushes.

After having a chat with Neil Hollis one of the painters who tested out these brushes and having a look up close my self they do look impressive and being designed with pro painters these are set to really do a cracking job.

I was also told these are not just aimed at pros but anyone and not to be scared to use them.
it comes with the 4 brushes plus some brush soap which they are going to make in differnt fragrances such as vanilla.
So while you paint your painting desk will smell nice too.

I was lucky enough to be given one of the soaps to try out form my self and I will let you know how the soap performs when I get a chance to paint next.

The Kickstarter campaign is now live and started on Saturday and as I type they have smashed they £10,000 goal and now up to £35,000!
Go check out the kick starter here

Next up
The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game

 Now this was a kickstarter that was successfully funded and was at Salute this year to show off the game and miniatures before it was set to hit retailers shelfs after I was told they had made sure all backers got all of there goodies first.

This games is a small skirmish game playable in differnt size boards.
The backstory is right up my street its a 3D cinematic style game so think running along a wall the being able to shoot you enemy in a world that the seas have risen and and temperatures have risen so the land scape is more in a jungle setting...also I need to mention before this happened dinosaurs have been brought back to life running around as well as genetically modified apes that walk on to legs holding guns....So think Jurassic Park mixed with Planet Of the Apes oh did I mention theres an elephant with a machine gun!
I'm sold!

They have some beautiful miniatures for this game ever one including my self loved the dinosaurs and this guy above.

Here are some of the tables for the demo games.

for more information on this game visit Drowned Earth

The next company I saw was called
On show and on sale was some of their mats and 2D terrain which I did pick up perfect for Warmahine or any other game really.

 Also being promoted was their pre painted resin bridges that will be on kickstarter very soon.

Vist for more information.

Another Kickstarte project I have seen on line was from the Laser Terrain Company.
Their Kickstarter is launching on April 19th and make terrain which consists of under floor lighting.

Looks fantastic for Space Hulk or AvP games.
This modular terrain set will be avalible pre painted with multiple add ons.

Check out for more info.

So that was some of the Kickstaters at the show. There were a lot more but the show was so big it was hard to cover all of them!

As I got to the centre of the hall I had to take a few pictures of this WWI tank they had at the show.

I think next I'm going to go to one of my favourite places to go at this show and its the 4Ground Stand..

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