Monday, 16 April 2018

Salute 2018 Pt3 The Tour Continues

Off I went to 4ground who have taken a fair bit of space this year at Salute.

As always their displays are awesome..

I also managed to have a chat with Ben from 4Ground and Mel The terrain Tutor..
There is talks next year regarding a Hero Quest board as 4Ground has made floor tiles that can be removed to make trap doors!

This is the board that show cases the removable tiles

Also on show was Fabled Realms.
This game has gone through a few changes since I played a demo last year.
They have gone to D6 and differnt colours and also have made differnt size models just to test for painters scale and the 28mm.
The kickstarter is late as Ben said sue to them being picky and want the quality to be right and backers will be getting something to make up for the lateness.

Check out The Legends Of Fabled Realms Facebook for more info.

Now before I left the stand Ben told me to go have a look at the Star Wars gaming Board..
Oh my...

Next I walked by the TT Combat stand and a few demos of Rumble Slam were being played with all their minis for the game on display.

I had a little walk around again visiting some of the stalls.

I had a quick stop at the Wild West Exodus stand.

Again at this show there has been some amazing stands showing of their products.
Thunder Chrome is one of them.
Thunder Chrome makes downloadable files for you to buy and use on your home 3D printer.

I don't have any experience in 3D printing myself but talking to Thunder Chrome I can see this being a very popular way for companies to produce terrain and as you only buy a file you can print how many you need.

After my chat with Thunder Chrome I went over to Anvil Industry.

On show at the stand was their minis for the Afterlife game and minis from their kickstarter for
Daughters Of The Burning Rose which is live now.

Here are some of the minis on show

As you can see these looks awesome and as I write these they have hit there goal so go ahead and back for some of the stretch goals..

Also on offer were some of their show exclusives.
I have to saw the werewolf looks great and it comes with options to be futuristic still with metal tail or a fantasy style.

I headed over to the Second Thunder stand where the Open Combat game system was on show.
I also had a good chat with Gav Thorpe of Black Library Fame.

I am really interested in this book as Riot and I have been playing games using minis we already own and this is the book that allows you to do this to with differnt expansion like swashbuckling adventures this could be a lot of fun.

It was now hitting the end of Salute and I stopped off at one more and and that was at Titan Wargames.
As you will see from the pictures below Titan Wargames produce some beautiful miniatures and my eyes were drawn to there Dwarf mini. 

As you maybe aware I have painted a lot of Dwarfs over the last 2 months for my painting challenge so I have seen a lot from differnt companies and I can say these are beautiful.

I got chatting to Emma and John who are the very nice people at Titan Wargames. 
Emma explained that John created and painted all the miniatures on show and they are now in the process of moving to resin.
We also chatted about how great it is to see some female characters and I really liked the female Dwarf they had.

I will be reviewing Grulka Blackhand the Dwarf Heroine soon.

Shouts of closing in 10 mins rang out in the hall and I said my good buy to Emma and John. I made my way out of the hall which was now a lot more empty then the start of the day.

I have to say thank you to all the people I spoke to traders and gamers alike at Salute this year and obviously the South Lords Warlords for putting on the show.

Until next year...

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